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Real Salt Lake's New Kits Embrace Subtle Change, Like They Usually Do

Real Salt Lake was due for some new kit designs this year and they were unveiled on Thursday. You'll be excused for not realizing they are new, though. The changes from their 2011 kits are subtle, to say the least. At first glance, I couldn't really pick out what they were.

Sure, many of the changes will be in the details, as that's something Adidas has done in the past. But even in comparison to the other teams that unveiled new kits this year, these embrace a certain conservatism. As you'll see, though, that's basically been the MO with this team.


Here's what they replaced:


And here's what those ones supplanted:


Which followed up these ones:


None of these are bad, per se. But if the point of coming out with a new kit every two years is to entice people to buy new ones, I do wonder how well this strategy works in Salt Lake.