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VIDEO: The Best Goal To Ever Be A Goal In The History Of Ever...Seriously

Some goals are amazing. Others are mind-boggling, but Baston Mealla scored one that defies all common sense. Seriously, the little-known Bolivian from Nacional Potosi has the goal of the year wrapped up. It doesn't matter that it is still January. The competition is wrapped up. That's what 18-yard scorpion goals do for you so hand the man his medal or trophy now.

Let's run down the thoughts of normal people put in Mealla's situation: 1) "Damn, the ball is behind me. I'll just let it go." 2) "If I slow down i can at least bring this ball down and control it so we can keep the ball." 3) "Seriously?!? You can't put the damn ball in front of me?"

Then we have Mealla's thought process: "Ball behind me? Well 18-yard scorpion kicks are a thing. Let's give that one a go."

That Mealla would even think to try and put that ball on goal with a scorpion kick. That he pulled it off? Kudos to you, sir. You win the entire game of football.