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Everton Agree Nikica Jelavic Deal

Reports are filtering in that Everton and Rangers have come to an agreement over the transfer of 26-year-old Croatian striker Nikica Jelavic to Goodison Park. Although personal terms between the Toffees and Jelavic are yet to be agreed, it looks as though the former Rapid Vienna man will be an Everton player before the close of the transfer window on Tuesday.

Jelavic has played very well in Glasgow, but it's unclear how well he'll fare in the far stronger Premier League. On paper, he's exactly the sort of striker Everton need - he's capable of scoring goals but also creating them, with good technique and the ability to use his physique to hold up the ball. David Moyes's side have been needing a link between midfield and attack, and Jelavic could well provide that. Of course, history's against him - players moving between Scotland and England haven't really fared so well lately.