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Omar Gonzalez Injured By Timothy Chandler In First Nürnberg Training Session

Omar Gonzalez ditched training with the United States to go on a short-term loan with Nürnberg in the German Bundesliga so naturally when he gets to Germany, he would get injured in his first training session in a collision with an American. No, this isn't a joke. In his first training session with Nürnberg, Gonzalez collided with fellow United States international Timothy Chandler and twisted his knee, forcing him out of training.

There is no word on the extent of the injury, although even a short absence will be a big blow to Gonzalez, who is only with the club until mid-February, when he is due to return to the LA Galaxy. A photo accompanying the news on Nürnberg site shows a grimacing Gonzalez as a member of the training staff looks at his left leg.

So to review: Gonzalez collided with Chandler in his first training session with Nürnberg. Gonzalez left training after the collision with Chandler due to a twisted left knee. American on American crime is no joke and should be taken seriously.