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Sounders Keeping Kasey Keller Around, Good For U.S. Soccer

Just when you thought a busy season for the Seattle Sounders was going to settle down, news comes out they are ready to make another move. This time, it's in the broadcast booth where Kasey Keller is reportedly close to signing on as the team's color commentator (via Seattle Times).

This isn't the most surprising news in the world, as many expected to keep Keller around in some capacity, but it will come as welcome news to Sounders fans. Keller has always displayed a sharp mind and quick wit and would seem to be right at home as a broadcaster.

What remains to be seen is who will be joining him in the booth? The team has reportedly narrowed their search down to just a few candidates and team officials have previously given the impression that hiring another Brit to follow in Arlo White's footsteps was a direction they were strongly taking again.

Let's be honest, though, the big story for anyone other than Sounders fans is that one of the most popular players in United States soccer history is set to become an even more vocal part of this community. Having Keller in anyone's broadcast booth is probably going to mean that you will be hearing a lot more from him all over the place.

I would expect to see Keller popping up as a studio guy for national broadcasts (he previously interviewed at ESPN) on a semi-regular basis and, quite honestly, I have my doubts that being a Sounders color guy is going to be a longterm gig. Keller seems destined to be a much bigger figure in his post-playing days than someone's sidekick and it seems highly unlikely that this will be his primary role for long.