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VIDEO: Josh Gatt Busts A Sweet Move Celebrating League Title

Sure, it's been a month and a half since Molde won the Norwegian Tippeligaen (say that five times fast), but it's never too late for awkward celebratory dancing. Like, really, really, really awkward. And it is 100% amazing. Josh Gatt has built a following among Americans in the last year as a great young hope on the wing, but clearly his future is not on the soccer field. Instead it is on the dance floor because seriously, check out his sweet dance moves.

This is some incredible work by Gatt and it has him working his way up the list of the greatest celebratory dances of all time, but he's lacking Shaquille O'Neal rapping while he dances. It's advantage that Mark Madsen will always have on him, which is a shame because Gatt has the moves to give Madsen a run for his money. Gatt should also tuck a t-shirt into his jeans.