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Goals of the week: Backheel edition

This week's edition features no less than three brilliant backheels from around the world, as well as a pair of screamers to balance things out.

Dean Mouhtaropoulos - Getty Images

5. Jackson Martinez, FC PORTO vs. Sporting Lisbon

We open with a backheel of cheeky insouciance from Portugal, as Jackson Martinez breaks the offside trap before casually knocking it past the goalkeeper. Simple, elegant, and stylish.

4. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Marseille vs. PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN

Zlatan has scored this goal many times before for pretty much every club he's played for. In honour of that, we should probably name all kung-fu backheeled volleys after him. This one is particularly good - he absolutely Zlatans it into the net.

3. Tom Cleverley, Newcastle United vs. MANCHESTER UNITED

This one will only ever be talked about in terms of whether he meant it or not. The case for the defence says that he looks up and hits it with intent. The case for the prosecution will point out that he quite clearly says "No way did I mean that!" in the celebrations. Do we care? Does it matter? Does it make it any less a great goal? No, no, and no again.

2. Tha'er Bawab, GAZ METAN vs. Dinamo Bucharest

Now, this is a wonderful finish. With his back to goal, marshalled by a defender, the only possible way Bawab can score is by flicking a backheeled half-volley around the keeper and defender and into the far corner of the net. So that's exactly what he does.

1. Denilson, SAO PAULO vs. Palmeiras

Amidst all the elegant backheelery, it's a thumping long-range howitzer of a strike that wins it, courtesy of our old friend Denilson. After scoring such an incredible goal, the question must be asked: did Arsenal make a terrible mistake in letting him go? (No. No they didn't. He was rubbish.)