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Ashley Cole calls FA "A bunch of T***s" on Twitter

Ashley Cole has controversially taken to Twitter to insult the FA after they suggested he did not tell the truth during his testimony in John Terry's favour.

Richard Heathcote - Getty Images

The John Terry-Anton Ferdinand saga may be about to take yet another controversial turn as one of Terry's witnesses, Ashley Cole, took to Twitter to voice his opinions on the FA.

Responding to allegations that he lied during his testimony, Cole tweeted angrily, calling the FA a "bunch of t***ts." If John Terry wanted a period of quiet contemplation while he either moved on or considered his appeal, it seems that he's not going to get it.

The full tweet, which contains some mild language:

Obviously, that hasn't gone down too well across Twitter. It seems a complete certainty that Ashley Cole will face some sort of punishment over this, but it remains to be seen what form that will take. John Terry has 14 days to make his appeal - although this sort of behaviour from his friends is hardly likely to do him any favours.