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The Harry Redknapp Ukrainian phrasebook

The Ukrainian FA want Harry Redknapp to be their next manager, but he doesn't speak the language too good. Fortunately, we're on hand to help.

Michael Regan

According to reports, it seems that Ukraine want Harry Redknapp to be their next manager Now, you may be thinking that it would be a total disaster, but Ukraine are actually a really talented squad who just need a bit of motivation. On that level, Harry's a perfect choice - the only thing that lets him down is that he doesn't habla der Ukraine too well. In fact, he's probably still calling it "The Ukraine" and thinks that the language is just the same thing with the 'R's the wrong way round. Fortunately, SB Nation Soccer's Ukrainian correspondent, Mr G. переводити, has compiled this handy guide. Thank us later, Mr Redknapp.

"моїй дружині, Сандрі" - My wife, Sandra

"приголомшливий гравець" - T'riffic player

"отримати його до великого людини" - Get it up to the big man

"Що ви маєте на увазі 'немає трансферний бюджет'" - What do you mean, 'there's no transfer budget'

"пнуть його по каналах" - Pump it down the channels

"Він великий гравець, приголомшливий гравець, але я не думаю, що вони хочуть продати" - He's a great player, a triffic player, but I don't think they want to sell

"Рой Ходжсон працювала у всьому світі? Невже він працював в гребаной Україні?" Roy Hodgson's worked all over the world, has he? Has he worked in fah**in Ukraine?

"Чи можете ви поставити вікна вниз на другий" - Can you wind the window down for a second?

"У них було два пункти з восьми ігор. Я сказав, що вони мали два пункти з восьми ігор. Я знаю. Неймовірно." - They had two points from eight games. I said they had two points from eight games. I know, right? Unbelievable

"я не гребаной дилер Я футбольний менеджер" - I'm not a fah**in wheeler-dealer, I'm a football manager

"Ви можете запитати Гарет якщо він сказав, що його дядько народився у Харкові, він міг би сказати Кардіфф, але я не можу згадати" - Can you ask Gareth if he said his uncle was born in Kharkiv, he might've said Cardiff but I can't remember