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Manchester City owners may be favorites to acquire MLS team in New York City

Manchester City owners would pay $100 million expansion fee, as well as finance stadium, and have contacted David Beckham about a role with the team, according to Bloomberg News.

Peter Macdiarmid

Rumors that Manchester City's owners are the favorites to purchase a potential New York City MLS team are picking up steam. Abu Dhabi’s Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan is prepared to pay the $100 million expansion fee and privately finance the stadium that would cost another $300-350 million, according to Bloomberg News. The team would apparently be called New York City FC

So far, MLS has taken the lead on acquiring land and permits in Queens, but nothing has become official. The hope is for the league to have a shovel-ready project ready for whoever owns the team, vastly increasing its potential value.

The report also suggests David Beckham has been contacted about a role within the team. The former Manchester United star has a clause in his MLS contract that gives him the right to own a MLS team, but it does not allow him to own a team in New York. He could play a different role with this team.