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Henning Berg storms out of Blackburn Rovers Christmas party after being asked to dance in a wig

It's all going swimmingly at Blackburn - their manager, Henning Berg, stormed out of the club's Christmas party after being asked to do things he "did not want to do" on stage.

Paul Thomas

We have to say, it's all going great at Blackburn Rovers. After sacking Steve Kean in the wake of their embarrassing relegation, the club appointed Henning Berg to get them back into the Premier League. It hasn't had the desired effect so far, with the players last seen being booed off while 2-0 down to Blackpool amidst a rousing chorus of "you're not fit to wear the shirt." And now things have taken a rather comical turn.

It's common for managers of troubled clubs to cancel Christmas parties as a way of saying "we mean business", but Blackburn aren't in danger of relegation, so Henning Berg thought: what better way to boost morale at a club that is in desperately low spirits. So far, so good.

The problem came, however, when Berg was volunteered to go up on stage, at which point he was asked to wear a stocking and dance, at which he became "visibly angry." The final straw was when someone tried to put a Michael Jackson wig on him, at which point he stormed out of the building altogether.

Berg, a noted Serious Man, responded with a statement which oozes with puritan humourlessness: "After the dinner I was asked to go to the stage, which I was happy to do, believing I would be asked a few questions or maybe judge a competition.

"Instead I was asked to do things which were not the right things for me to do as the manager, considering our league position and form. I did not want to do it and went back to my table. Later, I left the event at around 9.30pm, as planned, and drove home. The players left straight after dinner and no alcohol was consumed."

Party on, Henning.