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UEFA Champions League draw results: 2013 Round of 16 set

Manchester United vs. Real Madrid is the undoubted highlight of the draw, but there is further interest with Arsenal-Bayern Munich and Milan-Barcelona.

Claudio Villa

The round of 16 has been set, and there are more than a few interesting match-ups here. The undoubted tie of the round is Real Madrid vs. Manchester United, but there are also some other intriguing games to be played, with Shakhtar Donetsk taking on Borussia Dortmund and Arsenal facing Bayern Munich.

Below, you can click on a matchup to see our extended preview of the series.

Galatasaray vs. FC Schalke 04

Celtic vs. Juventus

Arsenal vs. Bayern Munich

Shakhtar Donetsk vs. Borussia Dortmund

AC Milan vs. Barcelona

Real Madrid vs. Manchester United

Valencia vs. Paris Saint-Germain

Malaga vs. FC Porto

Obviously most of the attention will be focused on that tie between Real and United, but there's lots of interesting stuff here. The most striking thing is how well-balanced most of these ties are - the likes of Malaga-Porto and Shakhtar-Dortmund are unlikely to produce a Champions League winner, but could easily produce a finalist and will be fascinating games. Stay tuned to this thread for live updates and analysis as we look ahead to the rest of the competition.