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Malaga hit by UEFA sanction, to miss next year's Champions League

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Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

Think UEFA are completely toothless when it comes to financial issues? Think again. Nine clubs across Europe have been banned from the next international competition for which they qualify by the UEFA Club Financial Control Body adjudicatory chamber. And they're not all irrelevant. Here's the full list:

  • Malaga CF (Spain): This is the big one. Malaga are in the knockout rounds of the Champions League and in prime position to finish in Spain's qualifying spots this season, but they've been banned from the next tournament for which they qualify and will face another ban should they not pay off their outstanding debt "towards football clubs or towards employees and/or social/tax authorities," by the end of march. They've also been fined €300,000.
  • HNK Hajduk Split (Croatia): Split have been warned that they face a ban unless they prove that they've paid off their outstanding debt by the end of March. They've been fined €40,000, which will double if they miss that March deadline.
  • NK Osijek (Croatia), FC Rapid Bucuresti (Romania), FC Dinamo Bucuresti (Romania), FK Partizan (Serbia): All warned that they will be banned unless they clear outstanding debt by March 31st. All fined €100,000.
  • FK Vojvodina (Serbia): Fined €100,000.
  • FC Arsenal Kyiv (Ukraine): Fined €45,000, €30,000 additional due if overdue payments are not fulfilled by end of March.

There's a few Europa-league quality teams in there but obviously Malaga is the biggest name we're getting. Note that this isn't anything to do with Financial Fair Play as of yet -- the first monitoring period for FFP isn't over -- these punishments were specifically related to outstanding debt. But by handing out a hefty fine to Malaga, UEFA are showing they're not screwing around here. If the likes of Paris Saint-Germain were hoping that they'd be able to flaunt these new regulations... they've got to be a little bit worried right now.