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Dozens Dead After Riot In Port Said, Egypt Following Al-Masry Vs. Al-Ahly Football Match

At least 35 people have died in Port Said, Egypt, in a riot following a football match. That death toll is expected to climb.


According to various reports, dozens of people have died after a riot following a football match in Egypt. The last death toll reported by the Associated Press was 35, but that number is expected to climb. Following a 3-1 victory by Al-Masry over Al-Ahly, supporters of the home side rushed the pitch and attacked Al-Ahly players, staff and security. This incited a riot, which resulted in numerous deaths. Some of the people who died in the riot were security officers.

Al-Ahly is the largest and most successful team in Egypt, and the rivalry between them and Al-Masry is a bitter one. Fans of the two clubs have clashed in the recent past, but obviously never in a manner that even approached this magnitude of violence and severity. The Associated Press report claims that those who they gathered information from were not authorized to speak to the media, so information from local press could be sparse.