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Al-Masry Vs. Al-Ahly Riots: Death Toll Rises To 73, League Suspends Operations

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Things are going from horrifying to even more horrifying in the Egyptian City of Port Said, where a pitch invasion followed the match between Al-Masry and Al-Ahly, which Al-Masry, hosting, won 3-1. The Al-Masry fans appeared to go after the Al-Ahly players and staff after the final whistle, and things escalated from a pitch invasion to a full-scale, deadly riot.

In light of the dreadful incident, the Egyptian league has suspended operations indefinitely by order of the president of the Egypt Football Association, Samir Zaher:

Official: Egyptian League has been suspended indefinitely. Ahly-Zamalek were due to play next Wed (Al Arabiya)
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While suspending play is the only reaction possible to the horrible events of today, it seems like a piteous response when you consider the magnitude of what's going on. The latest reports have 73 people dead, and with hospitals appealing for blood donations it would be a (happy) surprise if that was the final toll.