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The Name St. James' Park Returns! Then Is Gone Again With A New Arrestee

Newcastle supporters were not particularly happy when the St. James' Park name was changed to Sports Direct Arena, so one of them decided to take back the name.

The night after workers took down the St. James' Park lettering on the outside of the stadium, a Newcastle supporter went out and painted "St. James' Park" back on a stadium wall. The fans reign supreme! Only he got caught and arrested, and the next day workers had cleaned the paint from the wall.

A Northumbria Police spokesman confirmed the incident: "At 1.57am today a man was arrested on suspicion of causing criminal damage after a wall was vandalised at the Newcastle United ground. Michael Atkinson, 29, of Hareydene, Newbiggin Hall, Newcastle, has been charged with criminal damage and is due to appear before Newcastle magistrates on 7 March."

Power to the fan, Mr. Martin Atkinson! Just not as much power as the power of the police.