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Egyptian FA Dissolved Over Port Said Violence

Egyptian prime minister Kamal el-Ganzouri has reacted to the horrific events at Port Said, which have left at least 74 dead and many more injured, by dissolving the board of the Egyptian Football Association and referring its members for questioning by prosecutors. The situation is getting ugly with many blaming inadequate security for the violence, which broke out when fans of al-Masry invaded the pitch and began to attack al-Ahly staff and players following the end of the two teams' always-contentious match.

Talking to the BBC, al-Ahly official Hanan Zeini claimed that the lax security that allowed the rioting was premeditated, although there seems to be little reason to allow something like this to be happen. What's clear is that there's going to be some major fallout - two prominent local politicians have resigned from their posts in the wake of the disaster and FIFA is pressing for a report on just how this was allowed to occur.