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VIDEO: Police Fire Tear Gas At Protesters Following Port Said Riots

After the deadly rioting sparked in Egypt when al-Masry fans invaded the pitch to chase down al-Ahly staff, players and supporters, there've been some major questions asked of the reduced security at the match, long a hotbed of ill-feeling. Al-Ahly are claiming that the security was woefully inadequate to contain the al-Masry fans when they stormed the pitch, and with 74 deaths you'd have to say they have quite a compelling point.

So what happens when al-Ahly's supporters march to the Interior Ministry to protest? They get tear gassed. Depressing video of the affair is after the jump.

Somehow the awful level of the whole situation - one which has already seen an obscene number of deaths and injuries, the resignation of a host of football officials and politicians, and the entire Al-Ahly team allegedly quitting football - has ratcheted up another notch. How on earth can this be happening?