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Egypt Protests Turn Deadly As Police Open Fire On Demonstrators

Things have gone from bad to worse in Egypt. Thousands of al-Ahly fans went on the march on Thursday in order to protest the weakened security that led to a riot following Wednesday's soccer match between al-Masry and al-Ahly in Port Said - a riot in which at least 74 people lost their lives, and according to a report from the AP, clashes with the police by protestors have now turned deadly.

At the Interior Ministry in Cairo, the a 10,000-strong gathering was dispersed with tear gas, but police went further than that in Suez, apparently opening fire on a crowd of 3,000 people following. Two demonstrators have been killed, with fifteen more wounded, adding to the senseless loss of life from Port Said. At this point, it's extremely difficult to distinguish politics from sports, and with Ultras (supporters' groups) of various clubs dabbling in revolution. One member for the al-Ahly delivered a bone-chilling message to the police opposing the marches: "Either they will die or we will die."

We can only hope that the situation doesn't deteriorate any further. The death toll is approaching triple figures, the Egypt Soccer Federation has been dissolved and the violence is spreading. It's been a very dark 48 hours for the sport.