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NBC Unveils Latest MLS Promo: All Rise

Each time NBC unveils one of their promotional spots for Major League Soccer, just about every fan of the league drools. Their latest, entitled "All Rise" with the sound of the Timbers Army singing the National Anthem in the background, is the best yet.

While there has been some recent news suggesting that the move from Fox Soccer to NBC Sports Network may not be the ratings bonanza that some may be expecting, promos like this seem to give very strong indications that the production value will be heads and shoulders above anything else the league has seen so far.

I have absolutely zero doubt that MLS and its fans are going to be very happy about this move once games start being played. There should be top talent in the booth, the channel seems to be very supportive of live events and more people than ever will have access to it. The debut for MLS on NBC is March 11. I, for one, can't wait.