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Fulham Reveals Design Concept For New Stand At Craven Cottage

Going to a match at Craven Cottage is like stepping back in time. It is an old, rickety stadium that still has the cottage in the corner and while there is nothing architecturally marvelous or even imposing about the ground, it is fantastic. It is cozy and everything you would imagine football grounds were like several decades ago. That you can walk through gardens along the Thames to get there just makes it even better.

Unfortunately, cozy stadiums that put you in a time machine aren't so great for modern football. There is that having to make money and pay players and win matches thing that gets in the way so Craven Cottage cannot stay as is. With that in mind, Fulham are proposing a new stand at the Cottage that will keep it relatively small at 30,000 seats and still maintain the charm of the ground.


As you can see, the stadium is exactly the same on three sides and the one stand doesn't appear to break with the style of the stadium too much. That it is a crude drawing makes it tough to tell for sure, but it is a starting point. Hopefully it's a starting point to allowing Fulham to somewhat keep up financially with their Premier League counterparts while maintaining their charming stadium on the Thames. Two thumbs up, Fulham.

(Photo Credit: Fulham FC)