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Red Bulls Still Interested In Luis Robles, Still Confused About Situation

The New York Red Bulls are apparently still interested in signing American goalkeeper Luis Robles, but remain confused as to why they were not allowed to sign him via Discovery Claim, according to the New York Post. Technical Director Erik Soler said he was given permission by MLS to sign Robles as a Discovery and is still hoping to do so.

"It was a little bit unfortunate, because we had clearance from the league verbal and written that we wouldn't be entering anything else than our discovery," said GM Erik Soler. "For some reason unknown to us the league suddenly changed their original decision about Robles.

"I assume he had a National Team game or something like that. We don't understand what happened."

Robles has made one United States national team appearance, starting against Haiti in the 2009 Gold Cup. Traditionally, players who USMNT caps are subjected to some sort of allocation method.