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PHOTO: United States Debuts New Soccer Jersey

With the United States just about ready to begin World Cup qualifying, you know what time it is. It is new jersey time! It is necessary that they (and every other team) releases a new set of jerseys every two years so they can best honor the spirit of their country. That or make gobs of money. Yeah, probably the money thing.

The new U.S. home shirt is not out yet, but the away shirt is. The Americans are wearing it in their friendly against Italy today, the first time the navy blue jersey with white sleeves and an even darker blue sash has been worn. It looks, well, check it out for yourself.

(Photo Credit: US Soccer)

Many U.S. fans weren't exactly thrilled when photos of the jersey leaked, but now that they're on the field, the opinion has changed some. It could be the grey numbers or that most of the players are in long sleeves, which makes it look better. Whatever the reason, them peeps like them.