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VIDEO: Clint Dempsey Goal Helps USA Beat Italy

Friendlies are meaningless. Friendlies are meaningless. Friendlies are meaningless. That is unless that friendly is against Italy in Genoa, where the Azzurri have never lost, and you win. Do that and it is not meaningless. Well, it is still meaningless, but it is awesome so the United States has that going for it.

The Americans didn't have a ton of chances against Italy, but they got one and they took it. Fabian Johnson showed why he could be the U.S. left back of the future, Jozy Altidore had a terrific bit of hold up play and Clint Dempsey continued his tremendous run of form with a goal. The result was a 1-0 U.S. win and a bit of momentum as they get ready for World Cup qualifying, which begins in June.

Ain't that purty? Well, it's not exactly the prettiest of goals, but it is effective with all three players involved filling the exact roles Jurgen Klinsmann wants them to fill. It will do.