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VIDEO: Philadelphia Union Resort To Fisticuffs In A "Friendly"

Who says preseason games don't matter? The Philadelphia Union don't and they proved it by fighting their opponent, although fighting may not be the most accurate description of what the Union and Costa Rican side Belen did in their "friendly." It was more of heated pushing and shoving with the ball aggressively thrown at a player. You know, real down and dirty, throw down in the alley type of stuff. How about we call this a kerfuffle? Let's get it on!

The best part of this is what followed, when Belen took to their website to say that the Union played "anti-football," as well as being kind enough to upload videos like this and others for proof. To be fair, the tackle by Michael Farfan that ignited this was dangerous, although Belen used some creative editing to avoid showing what actually happened between tackling and pushing.

In the end, nobody won this fight because nobody can "win" a fight like this. It's a draw and the Union have to be embarrassed because not only could they not win the fight, but they were down 2-0 when this match was called off after the fight.

See! The preseason can be fun!