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Boca Juniors Vs. Independiente: One Of The Most Outrageous Matches Ever

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On Sunday, reigning Argentine Primera title holders Boca Juniors welcomed Independiente to La Bombonera. They were, coming into Round 5 of the Clausura, tied on top of the table with three wins and one draw, having scored six goals and conceded none. Independiente were in dead last place with four losses, zero points, one goal scored and seven goals against. This seemed like it was going to be a very simple 1-0 or 2-0 walkover for Boca.

Instead, the two sides ended up playing one of the most outrageous games in recent memory. Independiente won 5-4. Highlights of the madness can be found after the jump.

The five goals conceded by Boca Juniors in this game were just one goal less than the six that they conceded over 19 matches as they won the 2011 Apertura. They now trail Tigre by three points in the league. Tigre, interestingly enough, could potentially win the title and get relegated because of their low coefficient. Just in case the above video wasn't enough to convince you that Argentinian football is absolutely ridiculous.

Some might see the incredible miss by Santiago Silva at the 5:08 mark in the video as a bit of comedic justice. Silva has already represented two other teams this season (Velez Sarsfield and Fiorentina) and was initially not going to be allowed to play in the Primera when he was signed by Boca, but AFA surprisingly allowed Boca to register him as a player after the season started.

Oh, and Independiente are still in last place.