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Fernando Torres Scores A Real, Actual Goal

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EDIT: And now he has a brace.

No, really. In the FA Cup match between Chelsea and Leicester City, Fernando Torres finally scored a goal. The £50m man had gone 25 hours of football without scoring a goal up until this one on Sunday. Torres still hasn't scored in the Premier League since September. After the jump, video of this glorious and improbable occurrence.

It's truly awesome to see Torres score, but let's be completely honest. This isn't the prettiest of goals, and that's not even taking into account the level of competition that Chelsea are facing. Raul Meireles' assist is great, but the goal itself isn't anything special, especially by Torres' previous standards.

His touch and finish is actually a bit clumsy and looks like most of his misses this year. The only difference is that it slid inside the post. If this is the goal that brings back his confidence, spectacular, but there's nothing there that says "THE OLD TORRES IS BACK!"