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Bolton Could Pull Out Of FA Cup Following Muamba Collapse

Bolton Wanderers may pull out of the FA Cup entirely after the horrifying incident involving Fabrice Muamba at White Hart Lane on Saturday, the Independant has reported. The Trotters' midweek match against Aston Villa has already been postponed, and with Muamba still critically ill in London Chest Hospital there's some doubt as to whether or not their weekend fixture against Blackburn Rovers will be played on time either.

But postponing matches is different to pulling out of competitions entirely, something that may well be on the cards for Bolton as they face the spectre of a repeat of the FA Cup quarterfinal at White Hart Lane, tentatively scheduled for mid next-week. It would be very difficult for Muamba's teammates and coaches to return to the scene of the 23-year-old's collapse so soon after the event itself, and the FA will apparently meet with the club soon to discuss whether or not the match will actually take place. If Bolton do decide to pull out, Tottenham will get a bye to the semifinal, where they'll meet Chelsea.

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