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Napoli Vs. Siena, 2012 Coppa Italia: Siena Hand Napoli A Trip To The Final

Napoli are through to the final of the Coppa Italia for the first time in fifteen years, beating lowly Siena with a bit of help from Own Goal. The partenopei went into the second leg at the San Paolo trailing 2-1, clutching at their crucial away goal, knocked in by Siena defender Emanuele Pesoli. But the robur took pains to help them out again, and Napoli came away with a 2-0 win for the leg, and a 3-2 aggregate victory.

It was likely never a fair fight for Siena. After last week's exit from Champions League football, Walter Mazzarri showed little hesitation in fielding a full-strength lineup, but the visitors were missing many of their first-choice players due to injury. But apparently Giuseppe Sannino never learned from the mistakes of others, and elected to field a 5-3-2 in hopes of stopping the free-flowing Napoli.

Instead, the defensive system crumbled, with Simone Vergassola the one to take the heat, deflecting the ball into his own net in the 11th minute. Then, as if to prove the point that you just can't stop a Napoli counter-attack, the trident sprinted up the pitch, sending the ball from Edinson Cavani to Ezequiel Lavezzi to Marek Hamsik, who returned it back to El Matador for him to head it into the net.

Despite plenty of chances in the second half, the home side failed to increase their tally. In the end, though, the generous help from Own Goal was enough to see Napoli through to the final. They will face Juventus at the Stadio Olimpico on May 20.