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El Salvador Vs. Canada, 2012 Olympic Qualifying: Hopefully Nobody Watched

If you wanted an argument for why Olympic soccer should not be a thing, you got it when Canada and El Salvador squared off in Nashville for the first match of CONCACAF Olympic qualifying. Neither team was good and it turned into a contest of who could be not awful long enough to not give up a goal. The answer was neither team, but luckily for them, the other team wasn't not awful enough to capitalize on their awfulness. The result was a 0-0 loss for both teams, er, draw.

If there were any scouts in attendance at LP Field, they probably left early. Like third minute early. The whole passing thing was lost on both teams and if this match was any indication of what the national teams will be like going forward then pub league players everywhere should look into citizenship because they have a shot at international citizenship. Seriously, it was bad.