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Mexico Vs. Honduras, 2012 Olympic Qualifiers: Lineups

Mexico got off to a fantastic start to their Olympic qualifying campaign on Friday, defeating Trinidad and Tobago, 7-1. Marco Fabian picked up a hat trick and was generally a menace all night and El Tri looked unstoppable. They played with style and confidence, picking apart Trinidad and Tobago from the opening kick off. Then again, that was T&T, who nobody considers a good team.

Today, they take on Honudras, who is easily the second best team in Group B and are the tournament's defending champions. It will be the first real test for Mexico and with the U.S. losing yesterday to likely set them up against the Group B winner in a semifinal match for a spot in the Olympics, Mexico will have to be sharp.

Mexico: Sanchez; Jimenez, Mier, Reyes, Chavez; Aquino, Herrera, Cabrera, Ponce; Fabian; Pulido

Honduras: Mendoza; Crisanto, Leveron, Alvarado, Colon; Peralta, Martinez, Mejia, Najar; Hernandez, Lozano