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Peter Nowak Is Not Amused

Peter Nowak apparently has ears. And eyes. And feelings. That combination of things is not making him a happy camper, it seems.

The Philadelphia Union coach betrayed some sensitivity to the reaction regarding his decision to trade fan favorite Sebastien Le Toux this offseason. When asked what kind of greeting he expects Le Toux to receive on Saturday when the 0-3 Union host the undefeated Vancouver Whitecaps on Saturday, Nowak told reporters "maybe confetti, maybe a parade and banners."

You'll pardon me for chuckling a bit at all of this. Nowak has only himself to blame in all this. Rather than try to work out a situation in which he could keep Le Toux -- or at least find a trade partner that was willing to pay fair value -- he seems to have found the first willing taker and shipped out a player he thought might be a problem. Never mind that Le Toux was his team's only consistent scorer over a period of two years or that the Frenchman was THE face of the franchise or even that the Union had just lost one of their only other veteran leaders in Faryd Mondragon.

It's still very early, obviously, but this sure looks like it's going to blow up in Nowak's face. Assuming it does, expect even more hilarity to ensue ... unless of course you're a Union fan.