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Manchester City Fined €30,000 For Late Start Against Sporting

There was mild outrage from Manchester City's quarters when FC Porto were 'only' fined €20,000* for the racist abuse of Mario Balotelli during the two sides' Europa League clash. Now it's gotten even worse as City themselves face a fine for their actions in Portugal against Sporting Lisbon.

*Sure seems like a lot of money to me.

UEFA, apparently, have decided that returning to the pitch one minute late after halftime against Sporting Lisbon is a significantly greater offence than having your fans racially abuse a black player, fining City €30,000 for their actions in Lisbon. City are said to be bemused that their punishment is 50% more severe than the one Porto received.

Who does having one half of a match start one minute later than usual impact? Television companies and advertisers! What does this say about UEFA's dedication to its advertisers vs. its commitment to eradicating racism in football? We'll let you draw your own conclusions on that one.