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VIDEO: Scissor Kicking Younés Belhanda Is The Fonz

Scissor kicks seem to "in" right now. First it was Xherdan Shaqiri over the weekend and now Younés Belhanda gives it a go. So that's what all the cool kids are doing.

The problem here is that if this is what the cool kids are doing then there aren't a lot of cool kids because there are only a select few people who can pull this off. Like maybe six people. It's that exceptional. It's that ... cool. God damn, Belhanda is cool.

After the game, Belhanda went and put on his leather jacket and gave everyone in the dressing room a thumbs up on the way out. He hopped on his motorcycle and left the stadium. Yes, he can start a juke box by hitting it. No, he never jumped a shark while water skiing.