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The Rafa Marquez Saga: This Time Kicks And Breaks Shea Salinas' Collarbone

The list of good things Rafael Marquez has done since joining the New York Red Bulls is miniscule compared to the list of bad things he's done. From putting down teammates and saying he is too good for the team, to showing no interest in trying during matches and throwing balls at opponents in post-loss temper tantrums, Marquez has done enough to make even his mother reconsider her affection for him, but on Saturday, he hit a new low.

Late in the first half against the San Jose Earthquakes, Marquez grabbed and took down Shea Salinas on a corner kick. It should have been a penalty, but it went uncalled, which isn't a big deal. The big deal came when Marquez rolled over Salinas and then kicked Salinas. It looks intentional and forced Salinas to come out of the match for what would later be diagnosed as a broken collarbone.

There isn't much else to say about Marquez right now except that he is complete scum and even many Red Bulls fans would agree. A very lengthy suspension (a minimum of five matches and it should be longer) has to come with this kick and giving Salinas 10 free shots at Marquez wouldn't be out of line either. It's time for the torches and pitchforks to come out. Not even Marquez's mother will try to stop you.