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Fabrice Muamba Discharged From Hospital

Bolton Wanderers have confirmed that midfielder Fabrice Muamba has been discharged following his month-long spell at London Chest Hospital. Muamba had suffered a cardiac arrest on the pitch during Bolton's FA Cup match against Tottenham Hotspur at White Hart Lane on March 17th and has since been receiving specialised care since, surviving thanks to the rapid response of the team medics and the proximity to cardiac hospital.

All of the news since the incident has been positive, with Muamba's doctors reporting that progress has gone much better than expected and that a normal life is 'within the spectrum' of possible outcomes. It's unclear when - or if - the 24-year-old, who doctors have described as medically dead for 78 minutes, will return to playing football, but he's well on the road to recovery, which is exceptionally good news.

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