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Boca Juniors Make Poor Decision To Get Off Team Bus, Fight Opposing Fans

In a crucial match in Argentinian football on Sunday, Tigre defeated Boca Juniors 2-1. It was relevant to just about every single team in Argentina. Boca had a three point cushion at the top of the table, which has now disappeared, and the title race is wide open. One of the teams who is back in the title race because of this upset result is Tigre, who are now just three points back of first. Tigre are also involved in a relegation fight, and this win brings them closer to getting out of the bottom two in the aggregate table.

This win really should have been cause for much celebration. Generally, when a team I support wins a huge game, I'm more inclined to go out and celebrate than I am to do something stupid, like finding the opposing team's bus and abusing their players.

Tigre fans decided to find Boca Juniors' bus and abuse their players. What they didn't count on was Boca fighting back. Video of the fight between Boca Juniors players and Tigre fans can be seen after the jump.

There is so much wrong with this on so many levels. Some points.

  • Seriously though, Tigre fans. You won. What are you doing? Go celebrate somewhere. This was a huge win.
  • Why did the Boca players get off the bus? The fans aren't getting in the bus. The bus will eventually drive away. Listen to some drunk morons yell offensive things for another 10 minutes. This happens literally all the time and even if they were calling out family members, this really is not a big deal.
  • If someone said something so awful about Santiago Silva's family that he couldn't let it slide ... no, you know what you let it slide. What if someone has, I don't know, a knife or a gun?
  • Where the hell are the cops? I have never been to Argentina so I acknowledge that I am ignorant about how police handle incidents like this and what resources police have, but there's no way this many Tigre fans should have been allowed to get this close to the bus.
  • Oh my god really though go celebrate your win you miserable jackasses.

(H/T @ArgentinaFW)