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Mario Balotelli Looks Up To Carlos Tevez, Seriously

If there was any player in the world of football right now who needed a role model, it is Mario Balotelli. If there was ever a player who should never, ever be another player's role model, it is Carlos Tevez. So naturally, Balotelli's role model is Tevez. No, seriously, he said as much

"My point of reference is Tevez," Balotelli told Gazzetta dello Sport. "From him I have learnt to always give everything, every day."

This is, of course, assuming that Tevez decided to show up on that day that he is going to "give everything," or that he doesn't decide to go sit back on the bench when asked to go into the match, or that he isn't off playing golf. But when he's not doing any of that, sure, let's give Tevez a statue.

Maybe Manchester City would have preferred if Balotelli pulled a Tevez. If he did then they could have finished their match against Arsenal with 11 men.

Enough wishing because it's not like they're going to be rid of him anytime soon, anyways. The striker pledged his loyalty to the Citizens and insisted he wouldn't be leaving. Lucky City, and lucky Tevez, who now has a little protege he can teach the ways of, well, not doing anything to.

There is no word yet on where Balotelli's children live, where he must play so he can be near them, and what his handicap is.