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MLS Would Use Goal-Line Technology If Allowed, Commissioner Don Garber Says

Some kind of instant review on goals could be used in MLS as early as this season.

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MLS could be among the first leagues in the world to implement goal-line technology if its use is approved in July, according to the Associated Press. The technology would allow controversial goal calls to be reviewed.

"We're interested in being a test league and we hope that we could achieve that," MLS Commissioner Don Garber said Thursday while speaking to the Associated Press Sports Editors. "I would be open to whatever it is that could be done to ensure that we have goal-line technology."

As it stands now, FIFA-approved competitions are not allowed to use instant replay to review anything during the run of play. Several recent calls, including one in Sunday's FA Cup match that saw Chelsea erroneously awarded a goal against Tottenham, have highlighted the need for such reviews.

The International Football Association Board is meeting on July 2 to discuss the possibility of allowing the camera-based Hawk-Eye and Goal Ref, which use a magnetic field and a special ball. It's possibly that both technologies could be approved.

Garber said the league would consider implementing the technology as soon as this season. English officials are reportedly looking at using it for the 2012-13 season.