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Egypt's Cup Competition Canceled Due To Security Concerns

The Egyptian soccer season is over after the national cup competition was canceled as a result of the deadly Port Said riots.

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The Egyptian soccer season is over following the country's national cup competition being canceled because of security concerns. The league season was already canceled after the riots during a match in Port Said, and now the Ministry of the Interior has moved to cancel the cup matches scheduled throughout the month of May as well.

Riots at a Feb. 1 match in Port Said killed 74 people and led to 75 arrests. According to the Egyptian Football Association, the Ministry of the Interior does not plan to allow any soccer matches to be played until the court proceedings in connection to the riots are complete. The ministry believes that only then will they understand what happens in Port Said and be able to guarantee safety for all future matches.

Some have said that the rioting was orchestrated as part of a political move, although nothing is even close to definite. The country has been torn apart by political problems following the ousting of President Hosni Mubarak and some have speculated that soccer has been used as a method to strengthen or weaken the power of some fo the political groups hoping to gain control of the country.