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VIDEO: Bastian Schweinsteiger Sends Bayern Munich Home For Champions League Final

Bayern Munich will be playing in the Champions League final, which is cool, but it is 100 times cooler because they will be playing it in their home stadium. The Allianz Arena is host to this year's final and thanks to Bastian Schweinsteiger's penalty kick (or Manuel Neuer's two saves, or Sergio Ramos' field goal), the Bavarians will be there to take on Chelsea.

The final is still a month away, but with Bayern set to play at home, the spectacle scale has already been broken.

Consider how silent the Bernabeu was after Schweinsteiger eliminated Real Madrid with that penalty. Allianz Arena is going to be the complete opposite of that on May 19. It will be a sea of red, with a little portion of Chelsea blue that will be vastly out-numbered, but nobody cares about the Blues right now anyways. The team in the final at home gets all of the love because awesomeness always wins.