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Sergio Ramos Saves Us All, Goes Hunting For Asteroids

Imagine 85,454 people watching your every step as you walk from the halfway line to the penalty spot. You know that millions upon million upon millions more are watching you on TV around the world. Then you stop 12 yards from the goal, put a little ball on a spot and aim for the net, only there is a neon green blur of a goalkeeper in your way. Sounds like oodles of fun.

That was Sergio Ramos on Wednesday at the Santiago Bernabeu, only there was also a spot in the Champions League final on the line. What he did then was heroic. Instead of aiming for the goal (and riches and glory and pretty much every other good thing in the world that he could possibly desire) he looking upwards and knocked an asteroid heading for Earth off of its path, saving us all.


Now let us raise our glasses to Sergio Ramos, saver of all things on Earth. Cheers!