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VIDEO: Jimmy Conrad Issues Challenge To UFC's Dana White

Of course, we probably should have seen this coming. In response to UFC's Dana White bashing soccer as a sport that requires "no talent" and could be played by 3-year-olds, former MLS star Jimmy Conrad has penned a response via "The Kick." In defending soccer, Conrad challenges White to a friendly game.

While, I can appreciate Conrad's desire to hit back and it's nice that even MMA fans seem to agree that he comes off as the adult here, I'd also like to think that soccer is beyond this. Soccer is the most popular sport in the world and it's gaining more traction every day in the United States.

Mainly, I'm just tired of fighting these battles. The last person that soccer needs to impress is Dana White, a guy who will probably never appreciate soccer and is really only bashing it to make his own fringe sport look better. I'd just as well ignore the guy ... which of course I'm failing to do here.