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Dynamo Top 12,000 Season Tickets Sold for 2012

Today during the ribbing cutting ceremony for BBVA Compass Stadium in Houston, Dynamo team president Chris Canetti announced the club will have more than 12,000 season ticket holders this season...that's a lot.

Capacity in the new stadium is listed at 22,000 so that's at least 54% of capacity dedicated to season tickets alone which is impressive and great news for the club and MLS. The number is likely higher since a season ticket holder can of course have multiple seats.

After six seasons dealing with the ancient Robertson Stadium (home of the Houston Cougars football team), the new stadium is a welcomed site for Dynamo staff, players and fans. Clearly there is a renewed excitement about the team in Houston based on ticket sales alone.

It was also announced that stadium construction came in under budget, when's the last time that happened?

Not everything was perfect during the ceremony though. Three dignitaries, Cong. Al Green, Cong. Sheila Jackson Lee, Commissioner Franco Lee, who spoke to the crowd identified the team as the "Dynamos". I guess it's common for that kind of thing to happen but it's a little disappointing.