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Psychic Metal Disc To Predict Euro 2012 Results

Two years ago, Paul the Psychic Octopus wowed crowds by predicting the results of the World Cup, and his success has created a fad -- animals predicting the results of major football matches. For Euro 2012, the host countries will be placing their faith in "Psychic Pig" (they're not big on the imagination in the Ukraine, apparently) and Citta, the apple-eating elephant.

Here at SB Nation Soccer headquarters, we don't have the budget for psychic animals. Instead, we'll be using a very special guest: Monty, the (possibly) Psychic Metal Disc.

Monty is a high-tech metal disc in which a layer of pure copper is plated with an advanced copper-nickel alloy. When compelled to make a choice between two teams, Monty will leap into the air before landing on side "H" or side "T," which will correspond to the first or second side alphabetically.

Monty has distinguished himself from seven other virtually identical candidates by predicting the results of this year's Champions League semifinals and finals to 100 percent accuracy. Can he match Paul's famous run on the international stage? We'll find out this summer... although he's certainly not going to be calamari anytime soon.