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Ronaldinho's Brother Is A Thief Then Forgets He's A Thief, But Is Still Awesome

On Tuesday night, a man walked into the Flamengo team shop and picked out around 40 items ... then started to leave without paying for any of it. But this was no ordinary man attempting to just take jerseys and hats from the store, it was the brother and agent of Ronaldinho, Assis. Yup, he was still from the club that his brother plays for.

"Flamengo haven't paid my brother so I'm not going to pay either," Assis said before asking for plastic bags to carry out his stolen apparel because thieves usually ask for help from the store workers.

A worker at the store, obviously baffled by what was going on, then called Michel Levy, the club's director of finance. It took Levy 90 minutes to get to the store (during which time we can only hope Assis took a square dancing class) and when he did arrive (after 90 minutes!) he told Assis that he could take 25 jerseys, which Levy is entitled to as director of finance. But seriously, it gets better.

Assis took his 25 jerseys and then grabbed some towels that has Ronaldinho's face printed on. Apparently over his rebel phase, though, Assis paid for the towels!

Moral of the story: convince your brother to work someplace super cool so you can almost steal things from there.