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Roberto Martinez Offered Liverpool Job

Wigan Athletic chairman Dave Whelan has claimed that Roberto Martinez has been offered the job as Liverpool Manager.

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Wigan Athletic manager Roberto Martinez jetted off to Miami last week for talks with Liverpool's owners about the vacant managers position, and today oft-outspoken Wigan owner and chairman Dave Whelan has claimed that the Spaniard has been offered the job.

Whelan spoke to Sky Sports News today, telling them;

They've made Roberto an offer and he has agreed to consider it. He is also aware that I have said 'I'd love to keep you but I need a decision by Wednesday or Thursday of next week'.

However a stumbling block in any move might be the total control of the team that Martinez is expected to demand. It's been known that Martinez likes to control things from top to bottom, and with Liverpool's current shakeup underway, it's as yet unclear as to whether or not there will be someone overseeing what Martinez. Whelan went on to warn Liverpool about Martinez's requirements;

Roberto is a seven days a week, 12 hours a day worker and I don't know whether they realize how hard he works. He has rules and regulations to be fully in charge of football and I know he won't move anywhere unless he is fully in charge of the football.

Liverpool fans will wait with bated breath to see whether or not Martinez is the man to take over from Kenny Dalglish after he was offed following a terrible season for the Merseyside giants. Meanwhile, Wigan have stressed that they aren't searching for a new manager until they know what Martinez has decided, but all signs point to him being the new man in the Anfield dugout.

If he was to go, it would be the biggest challenge of his management career turning the fortunes of the side around, but he does have a history of doing well as proven with Swansea City, where he introduced the free-flowing style you see today, plus of course sustained Premier League football for a side like Wigan is a huge success.

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