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USA Vs. Scotland: Own Goal Cuts Americans' Lead In Half

Okay, it's not all perfect for the United States anymore. After Landon Donovan scored just three minutes in and Michael Bradley added a sublime goal not long after, it looked like the U.S. might just cruise to victory. Wrong. The U.S. defense got lost, Kenny Miller got free and then the Scot's header bounced off of Geoff Cameron's chest and into the goal. Now the U.S. only leads 2-1 and the Americans have their feet back on the ground.

Forget the U.S. being unlucky and having the ball bounce off of Cameron and into the goal. The problem was before that, where the U.S. failed to communicate, mark and Miller got free. There was one Scotland player offside, but he was not involved in the play and the flag correctly stayed down.

For the U.S., a lack of cohesion at the back isn't new. They have had problems defending for a while now, before Jurgen Klinsmann took over. If they can't shore things up at the back, they are going to continue to have trouble.