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USA Vs. Scotland: Record Crowd On Hand In Jacksonville

They love us, they really love us. That's what the United States has to be thinking after 44,428 fans showed up to see them play Scotland at EverBank Field in Jacksonville, Florida on Saturday night. The fans set a new record for a U.S. match in the state of Florida. Those who showed up were treated to a show, too, as Landon Donovan scored a hat trick in the newly-striped kits and the Americans routed Scotland.

Big crowds for United States soccer friendlies aren't too rare. The Americans often play matches in big football stadiums and draw a ton of people, but it's often fans of the opposing team filling the stands. That wasn't the case this time around, though, as most of the crowd was made up of Americans cheering for the U.S. Waldos or Gondoliers, your choice.

The U.S. fans come in all shapes and sizes. Some also come (likely) without significant others, like this fella.


Go 'Muricah!