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USA Vs. Scotland: Jermaine Jones Scores To Make It 5-1

The United States has been excellent in possession, but that doesn't mean they can't strike quickly on the counterattack either. Then again, it doesn't look like there is anything they can't do right now. This time it was Jermaine Jones' chance to chip in, scoring on the end of a fine counterattack to put the U.S. up 5-1 on Scotland. This one has gotten ugly.

As soon as they took the ball from Scotland they were off in the other direction, moving the ball quickly and eventually getting the ball to Landon Donovan on the right. He already has three goals to his name so he doesn't need another. Instead, he chipped for Jones, whose header found the net and left Scotland with nothing to do except stare at the scoreboard in disbelief.

The type of variety with which the U.S. has scored has to put a smile on the face of Jurgen Klinsmann. They have scored coming out of slow possession, on the counterattack, with their feet, with their head, with crosses and with incredible long strikes. They have done it all.